Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Odessey of Film

the evolution of film and the discovery was quite impressive. The first "magic trick" in film was only to be discovered by a simple mistake in the rolling film skipping a few steps ahead. from the they were already amused however in some other tricks for example, the appearance of a face on a moon, makes me wonder how that is possible. Even more the "soul" of a human body leaving its corpse and still have a difference on the same screen.
some topics or plot of a movie are really enjoyable and interesting. An insight of the advancements in film. Another question I ask myself is how did they manage to put subtitles in the middle of films to know what they were saying?
So many things were going through my head. How was the sound recorded on film eventually? how did they manage to attached color? how long did it take to officially edit a film as a final cut? Were the first angle, close-up, and actor really a huge jump towards the future?
By the looks of it, it is and they seem to be very proud and I am very impressed at the development in theaters. The theater places architecture always fascinated me to know where everything goes. those times must have been a golden age for film. The acting, actors, actresses, theaters, cameras, and fame.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Side - by- Side was an interesting documentary of the differences and preferences between film cameras and digital cameras. Though digital are easier to edit and easier to everything else film makers prefer the films. they're used to it and feel that there will be less mistakes and a better quality. For example, most cameras now-a-days have low quality pixels and even if you edit it by computer or apps it loses the quality and sharpness intending to blur. with film you use the whole set and check the lighting. Almost as a 6th sense that some people can't live out of.
to think that many were so interested in the technology of now there are those out there that are still into right thought and satisfaction of the basics. people out there are still interested in a regular phone instead of a smartphone. a computer instead of a tablet or a book instead of a kindle. As long as they get their point across their satisfied and possibly even happier.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

film critiques

       In the first video that had bryce as the main talent was okay. The dancing was great but i thought they would have improved if there was more movement and that the quotes were actually unaudible. Though those are my thoughts they are still great and very original. Loved the quotes though did not hear it.
      The video was very short yet very well drawn. I wish it were much longer though it would have been better if it were longer. thats my only opinion. If they actually were able to correctly skip the rock it would have been great.
    It was well edited and well written. I think it was great. No opinion. The angles that the camera took was very professional.
   Very professional!! though when recording while moving would have been better with a tripod unless it was on purpose. The music was great and so was the editing.
    It was a good video of ridiculous videos which was great. though I couldn't listen to the quote. the homemade music was great. I would have liked it better if we were able to listen to the actresses more.
    There didnt seem like a real point to this. I liked the little gackground theme song. i wish there was more of a purpose.
    it was a great video and there was great editing. i was in it.

5 circles!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

movement project

             My movement project group is showing the different versions of movement in the clusters. We were able to record every clusters different movements and the different type of movements. We showed the movement of a musicians hand on a  piano and on a violin. the way they easily breeze their hands swiftly over their instrument. the artists hands with a pencil or a drawing utensil. They swiftly move the pencil moving the viewers eye around the paper. A dancer moves around the stage to bring along the viewers attention to every other piece of the choreography. The name of my group is called "motion hands". Michael cano was also the talent controlling a blue pencil. Mayra Zuniga and Katherine Chavez is playing the violin also as a talent. Nana Johnson is also a talent playing the piano. Lastly Juanita Soto was the camera person. The editor is Nana the writer was Juanita and Nana and  the director was Mayra. My part in this project is the talent though you are not able to see me. I am the one moving the three colored pencils.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

creative movements

4 days ago their was an assignment to show the ways of movement in mr. richards class. his exercises were a very creative and active intention of the movement in dance. in my experiences the exercise were very entertaining and a whole different experience. "40% of the ending is part of the dance." is one of the quotes he has used. "the eye is faster than the ear." which is really true. people would much rather watch then listen. so in conclusion that day of movement was quite entertaining.    

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs

      Steve Jobs, mac creator or apple creator, dies in 2011. Many people are freaking out because he died since many people buy many of his products such as: iphone 1,2,3,4,and 5, ipad 1,and 2 and many of the other apple products. a few people think that now that he has passed away the company might lose money since many people may be bored with the same product. i believe that they will still have enough money since there is still a lot of people that will still be interested. there is no need to become bored of it. that is my blog of steve jobs...
                                 -abby :)